Ember Sisal Basket Tote
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Product Description

Ember Sisal Tote by Ikavu. A unique handwoven shoulder bag finished with handles and trim made from vegetable tanned leather. The earthy colors of this bag include burnt orange, black, and charcoal grey. Made from sisal fiber which has been colored using a dip dye process. This creates a striking pattern of irregular stripes. 

  • Sisal, naturally tanned leather
  • Made in Kenya

Ikavu's classic tote bags are easy to throw over your shoulder on your way out the door, and roomy enough to hold everything you need for your adventures. This beautiful natural fiber basket will easily become your favorite everyday bag. Your purchase from Ikavu benefits women weavers and artisans and contributes back to their communities in East Africa.


11" H, 16" W
Circumference: 32"
Diameter (top): 13"
Diameter (bottom): 9"
Shoulder straps: 
32" in total length
Handle drop: 14" approx

About The Designer: Ikavu was founded by two women — one from Kenya and one from California. Together with weavers and artisans they established the Ikavu Weavers Collective in 2012. One of their core principles is to create quality goods made with fair labor practices. Through their partnership with artisans in Kenya they have been able to achieve that vision.

Ikavu's designs are made from sustainable materials including sisal, baobab bark & naturally tanned leather by artisans in Kenya using traditional East African weaving techniques. Every bag is made with a focus on quality workmanship & design.

Ikavu believes everyone should have a great everyday tote bag -- a practical, reusable bag that you’ll love. There’s a good reason they stand behind this philosophy. It’s estimated that each reusable bag purchased will save over a thousand disposable bags. When you purchase a bag from Ikavu, you are helping create the next chapter in the story. Your purchase provides opportunities for talented artisans, and benefits their families and communities. 

"It's the little things people do. That's what will make the difference." 
- Wangari Maathai

About The Materials

Sisal: Sisal baskets are made from a natural cactus fiber. This strong fiber has many uses, and because the sisal plant is hardy and drought resistant, it is environmentally friendly to grow. With detailed designs and beautiful colors, no two sisal baskets are exactly alike. Each one is a unique work of art. 

Naturally Tanned Leather: This leather is tanned using traditional, low­‐impact methods. Unlike large factories, these artisanal techniques utilize tree bark and small­‐scale, sustainable practices. The finished product is a quality vegetable tanned leather that is dark or red brown on one side with a soft suede finish on the other. Subtle variations in color due to the craftsman process are part of the handmade nature of the leather.