Horn & Bone Stacking Rings
Product Description

These thin stacking rings are handcrafted from brass and small slivers of bone and horn.  They are beautiful and delicate one at a time, or for a chunky statement piece stack three or more together.  These are truly one of kind!

  • Made in Kenya
  • Sold individually 

Available Sizes: 5.5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8

*Shipping Notice: All domestic orders will ship via USPS.

Story behind these rings:

The Victorious Bone Craft Group was found by three local men in the Kibera Village of Kenya in 2006. Their mission was multi-faceted: to provide work for the young people of Kibera, to clean up the accumulating and dangerous waste produced by the local slaughterhouses, and to curb the foreign appetite for ivory. The result is nothing short of incredible. Today, Bone Craft provides work for more than 40 Kibera villagers and produces astonishingly beautiful jewelry from the bones left in heaps around Kibera.