Namib Desert Cuff
$68.95 $125.00
Product Description

The Namib Desert's rolling sand dunes stretch to the horizon as seen in this carving. Designed by Namibian artisans inspired by the animals, landscape, and rich history of Namibia, Africa. Cast in brass and antiqued to highlight each bracelet’s tribal design. Your bracelet generates income for an artisan and funds a child’s education in his or her community. Wear Your Impact!

  • Designed in Namibia, Handmade in the USA.
  • Gold Tone Brass
  • 1.5 CM Wide
  • 2.5 CM Opening With A Slight Give
Inside Engraving: Designed by artisans in Namibia, Africa. Proceeds from your bracelet fund a child's education in each artisan's local community. Wear Your Impact!