Built on the belief that the who and what of a product are as important as the design and value – PACT creates affordable, basic clothing in collaboration with community-based cooperatives. PACT sources cotton from a cooperative comprised of over 10,000 farmers practicing non-GMO organic agriculture across three states of India – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Orissa. PACT farmers are shareholders in the cooperative, the only operation of its kind in India. By investing in projects that create independence and using only sweatshop-free factories that pay fair wages, PACT empowers individuals. To empower entire communities, PACT supports education projects for underprivileged children, a community fisheries program in the farming villages, as well as vocational training centers, higher education scholarships and microloans aimed at improving the lives of women. 
  • PACT’s farmer association owns 10% of equity shares in their Tier 1 factory. 
  • PACT farmers receive a premium on their cotton that is ~10% above normal organic premiums. The total premium they receive is nearly 25% above conventional cotton prices. 
  • PACT’s additional income generating activities in 2800 households brings in more than $340,000 of income to farmer families. 
  • PACT uses 100% organic cotton in every garment
  • PACT’s sock factory is powered by sustainable wind energy
  • All PACT packaging is made from FSC-controlled wood sources and printed with environmentally responsible vegetable dye.