Ananda Pascual is built on the belief that fashion companies have the power to promote economic development on a global level and the responsibility to be socially invested in the people and communities that create their products.


Accompany Us To India: 

Our team visited Creative Handicrafts -- Ananda Pascual's WFTO-certified partners in Bombay, India—a unique income-generating program for disadvantaged women. The group organizes the workers into independent, self-run workshops where they elect their own managers, choose their own projects, and learn the skills necessary to run and grow their business. Creative Handicrafts believes that clean, safe working environments and living wages are necessities, but not enough to end the cycle of poverty. It’s their goal to invest in workers through premium wages and access to the invaluable training needed for economic independence. The airy, well-lit workshop we visited offers added benefits, including low-interest loans, scholarships for children, "life skills" seminars, and counseling for coping with poverty, abusive husbands, and health concerns, for the women—all of whom were, or are, residents of local slums. All new workers undergo 6-months of training, after which they either join or form a workshop. Any women that are not able to successfully contribute to a textile workshop after training and trial period are given alternative jobs in areas that support the organization, like food service.