Meercat Lovers
Product Description

Made in Zimbabwe

This adorable meerkat couple are our newest addition to the family. Carved from a single piece of wood they stand looking into each other's eyes, embraced in a hug.

Artists scattered throughout Zimbabwe, mainly in remote rural areas, create Mbare’s wood sculptures. As indigenous hard woods became increasingly scarce, we focus on developing products made from non-indigenous, non-endangered Jacaranda wood. Much care is taken in the carving and finishing of a product, and this same care is extended to the selection, maintenance and delivery of these fabulous one-of-a-kind sculptures. These wood animals are beautifully polished and carefully crafted.  


H: 12"
W: 4.5"
D: 3"

About the Brand

Mbare works with artisans across Africa to produce high quality decor and gifts made from natural + recycled materials. They engage in fair + sustainable trade, creating win-win partnerships with our their artisan producers. Borrowing the name from the famous Mbare Musika marketplace in Harare, Mbare takes pride in bringing African creativity to you.