Split Plateau Basket

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Handwoven in Rwanda

This signature sweetgrass basket is handwoven with heart by artisans in Rwanda. Practicing a time-honored Rwandan weaving technique, the artisans use a needle and thread to wrap hand-dyed strands of sisal (the inside fibers of an agave plant) around bunches of sweetgrass to create tightly coiled, durable baskets. Depending on the size and shape, each basket can take one weaver anywhere from 60-70 hours to make! Handwoven from locally sourced, hand-dyed natural sweetgrass, and sisal. This basket features a loop on the back for hanging.

12" x 3"

About the Artisan Group
Indego Africa partners with groups of artisan women in Rwanda & Ghana to create a range of handcrafted products that bring beauty into the world through modern design, time-honored techniques, and genuine artisan skill. The brand provides artisan women & young people in Africa with the training they need to build and sustain independent livelihoods. We’re proud to feature Indego Africa for their direct support of women entrepreneurs in Ghana & Rwanda. Your purchase of this product directly impacts these artisan communities through the provision of fair wages and business and skills training.