Hombre Pajaro Earrings
Product Description

Handcrafted in Colombia.

* Now through Mother’s Day, Accompany is committed to donating 100% of proceeds from all MÂKUA sales to a GoFundMe campaign to protect these vital craftspeople and preserve their cultural heritage.

Copper metal plated with 18 karat gold. This piece was inspired by pre-Colombian goldsmithery representing shamanism and the worship of different elements like the sun, gold, feline, birds that make up the imaginary of indigenous cosmogony.

Length: 2.5"
Width: 2.25"

About the Designer
Makua is inspired by the beauty and exuberance of the landscapes of Colombia, its birds, its forests, and the countless kinds of butterflies. Makua pieces are crafted by 60 women of 2 different ethnic groups in Colombia: the Emberá and the Kuna. Makua helps these women continue to develop the techniques passed down generation to generation so that their ancestral knowledge can be preserved.