Adinkra Shiraz Peshtemal Towel
Product Description

Handcrafted in Turkey

This towel's intricate pattern was created using the Mmere Dane symbol and the Chintemani motif. Mmere Dane is the Adinkra Symbol of change and symbolizes the dynamic nature of life. Adinkra symbols originate in West Africa and have been used in African visual arts since the 12th century. The Chintemani represents power, force and courage in Turkish decorative arts. It has its roots in Asia, where it symbolizes the three virtues of Buddha. 100% cotton, pre-washed thread.

70" x 35"

About the Brand
3rd Culture was created to highlight and celebrate the diversity of world cultures. Each collection is designed using patterns, colors, motifs, fabrics, faces and street scapes the founders have personally encountered and recorded. The collections are created and designed in Istanbul and produced by local artisans and craftsmen in Istanbul's historic Beyoglu neighborhood.