Nesting Bowl Set
Product Description

Handcrafted in Guatemala

Hand carved by local artisans in Petén Guatemala, these bowls celebrate the natural color, texture and character of sustainably harvested Jobillo, Granadillo, and Manchiche woods native to the Guatemalan jungle, a testament to the beauty and biodiversity of the region. Small, Medium, and Large bowls, hand carved with lipped edges for easy handling.

Hardwoods will last a lifetime. We recommend conditioning bowls with a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil, linseed oil or any other natural oil that does not turn rancid. You can hand wash with soap and water but dry immediately and do not leave sitting in water.

Set of 3
Small: 4.25" diameter
Medium: 5.25" diameter
Large: 6.62" diameter

About the Brand
Itza Wood exists to create jobs and foster positive social impact in a place where the poverty is crushing. Our carpenters live in the local communities where families are struggling to ensure basic human services. Reliant on subsistence farming and little else, many families are living in homes with thatched roofs, no electricity, running water and dirt floors but Itza Wood is linking families to a future with hope and well being. The brand's commitment to education is a driving force. They generously support a growing Jungle School providing literacy, skills and incentives to protect the areas’ resources. Through education Itza Wood is equipping young people and creating jobs to better life in the region. As for preservation, their reforestation project planted 45,000 trees before cutting a single one. They are committed to ensuring the tropical forest, known as the Mayan biosphere, remains standing for generations to come.