Stacked Horn Geometric Bottle Stopper
Product Description

Handmade in Uganda

When a good bottle of wine loses its cork, pull out this Ankole horn stopper for both its beauty and functionality. Its silicone bottom fits snuggly into bottles, creating an airtight seal that helps preserve your favorite wine after it's been opened. The bottle stopper is crafted from Ankole horn, a rare material indigenous to Africa. Cow horn artisans meticulously measure and cut pieces of horn, layering them to form this little geometric beauty.

4" x 1.5"

About the Brand
Rose & Fitzgerald is a design-and-craft studio based in Kampala, Uganda, founded by a Californian couple who wanted to merge their sense of coastal living and contemporary fashion with the beauty of the indigenous materials and craftspeople they encountered in their adopted home of Africa. Rose & Fitzgerald works with master hand-craftsmen to create and curate unexpected, beautiful pieces mixing traditional craft with a modern style sensibility—designed for those who seek something uncommon from far-away places.