Indigo Shibori Caftan
Product Description

Handmade in Mali

Hand made tie dye dress in organic cotton voile. Handwoven, dyed and sewn in Mali. Dyed using locally harvested Indigo. 100% cotton. One size fits most.

Due to the natural indigo dying process, we suggest first washing the caftan separately in cold water before wearing. 

Length: 52"
Sleeve length: 11"

About the Brand
Founded on a dedication to preservation and exploration, Proud Mary is an ever-changing collection of authentic, handmade products. The brand partners with cooperatives, family-owned workshops, and individual artisans who are deeply talented, but may not have the resources to reach an audience wider than their village market. To date, the brand has worked with 30+ artisan-producing groups in over 10 countries, developing a fundamental understanding of the challenges artisans and producers face around the world, and how we can make a difference.