Ginger/Dilo Shampoo & Conditioner All-In-One
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Product Description

The Fijian people are the heart and soul of Wakaya Perfection, directly involved in all aspects of planting, harvesting, processing and packaging these incredibly pure, all-natural healing products. Each ingredient is nourished by the mineral-rich, virgin volcanic soil of Wakaya Island, irrigated exclusively with natural equatorial Fijian rainfall, and hand-cultivated by makers deeply committed to the wellbeing of humans and our planet.

Featuring a moisture-balancing duo of rare Organic Pink Fijian Ginger and precious Organic Dilo Oil from the Island of Wakaya in the pristine Fiji Islands. Gently cleanses and invigorates using a rare and proprietary combination of ingredients utilized in the South Pacific for centuries – enjoy!

DIRECTIONS: Gently massage evenly through hair. Rinse thoroughly and repeat.