Andean Deer Pallay Floor Cushion
$124.95 $250.00
Product Description

Andean Deer Pallay Floor Cushion featuring intricate black and cream woven deer pattern - a traditional motif from the community. Hand-crafted by Peruvian artisans in Cusco.

  • 24" x 24" x 7"
  • 100% wool
  • Made in Peru

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cool water with neutral soap, lay flat to dry.

About Brand[Trade]: 
Renowned International designers connect with Master Artisan Women from the Andes to the Amazon to create products that speak to modern styles yet are made with weaving know-how that is thousands of years old.

Four extraordinary communities are sending their finest handmade creations – and their stories – as ambassadors of Peruvian culture and excellence. Every piece is also a testament to the beauty and wisdom of the women who made them.

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About Coya Inca: Spinning yarn and weaving cloth was a spiritual act in Inca society and Peruvian weaving is unsurpassed anywhere to this day. The finest weavers were brought to Cusco to weave for the royal court of the Inca. These women were then settled in weaving communities in the Sacred Valley where they worked with wool from llamas, alpaca and vicuna to weave the finest cloth in the world. These communities still exist and the descendants of those master weavers at the court of the Royal Inca are still weaving cloth that conquers the world. These skills have evolved over the five-thousand-year history of Peruvian civilization. This level of excellence is one of the humanity’s treasures. The Coya was the name of the Inca Queen. She was emblematic of the cultural values that emphasized the role of women in Inca civilization. The women who were court weavers were known as ‘chosen women’. Their present day descendants still say that to be a woman one must know how to spin yarn and weave cloth. The role of the Coya Inca was to be a living example of the greatness of women as manifested by their technical skill, knowledge of tradition, love of beauty and purity of life that bonds them to Pacha Mama, the world mother. This ideal has sustained Peruvian women throughout a turbulent history and these qualities are still strong in the weaving communities of Peru’s Sacred Valley.