Ayla Orange Netted Bucket Bag
Product Description

Handmade in Turkey

This versatile bag will take you seamlessly from city to beach. Hand woven on wooden looms with delicate macrame net cover. Artisanally handmade on wooden looms with delicate net cover. Open tote design and cylindrical silhouette. This tote is good to you and to nature. 

7.8" tall

About the Brand
Nosouj is a sustainable contemporary brand with a fierce respect for nature and a strong interest in modern design. Bridging the gap between style and social responsibility, Nosouj employs artisans from underdeveloped countries to create their casual-chic bags and accessories. Preserving heritage with an exclusively handmade process, an integral part of the Nosouj message is the inherent belief that the future of fashion is a place where design and respect for Mother Earth meet. Just as the fibers are woven to create the ancient dokuma fabric, the principles of environmental consciousness and luxury design come together to create Nosouj.