Blue & Grey Colour Block Sisal Basket
Product Description

This hand-woven basket is crafted from natural sisal fibers in a range of vibrant colours found in the national dress of Kenya. The quality of each basket is of the highest standard; colours may vary due to the natural dyes used, making each basket unique and one-of-a-kind.

Medium: 9" (22cm) d. x 11" (29cm) h.

Large: 14" (35cm) d. x 12" (30cm) h.

Your purchase supports women by improving their housing, putting their children through school and helping to feed their families.

Backstory: The women from the rural villages around Mount Kasigau in the Southern part of Kenya – have turned to basket weaving as a source of income to supplement what they make from agriculture. Basket weaving has become increasingly important in the past years, as crops have been destroyed by elephants migrating through their fields to the Tsovo East National Park. The baskets are made from sisal – a plant native to the area – from which the women make string, dye the string, and finally weave it into stunning baskets. Apart from the income-generating aspect, basket-weaving groups have also become a place where women can socialize, discuss ideas and entrepreneurship. All of the weavers agree that through basketry they are able to supplement their income, but that they also love the interaction they get from their fellow women with whom they can discuss issues affecting each other and their homesteads.