Canasta Mini Palm Bag
Product Description

Handmade in Mexico

The Palma Collection features handmade structured baskets made out of dried and woven palm fronds. Handles are woven into the basket and wrap around the perimeter. The structured shape and flat bottom allow them to sit upright when not being held.The mini size makes a great lunch box or works as a small purse for a phone and wallet.

8" x 7" x 3" 
5.25" handle height

*Please note basket and leather straps are hand made and colors will vary. 

About the Designer
Nipomo collaborates with skilled artisans from Mexico. Designing a modern product with traditional methods of making allows them to create unique products while preserving a slice of history, art, and craft. Nipomo's 
collection of functional goods proudly supports traditional makers and their communities in both Mexico and California.