Oversized Turkish Towel

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Accompany Us To Turkey...

This chevron beach towel is as functional as it is beautiful and its generous size makes it great for the beach or a quick swim at your favorite pool. Finished with fringed edges and a selvage edge, the towel dries 1.5x faster and lasts 6 times longer than a factory-made towel. Each towel is hand-loomed individually on shuttle looms from 100% GOTS organic cotton by artisans living in rural communities. Each towel takes a skilled weaver 4 full days to complete. 

Materials: 100% GOTS organic certified Turkish grown cotton, natural dyes.

Measurements: 80" long and 41" wide including tassels.

Care: Machine wash cold and tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softener or bleach when caring for your towel.

Organic cotton is not absorbent until you teach it. We recommend soaking your towel for 24 hours in cold water before your first time using it to speed up the process of training the cotton to be absorbent.

To keep your towel looking its best, cut off any of the cotton loops that have come loose and pulled long with sharp scissors to the same length as the other loops.