Clean Sweatshirt
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Product Description
The Clean Sweatshirt from Industry of All Nations, made from 100% organic Indian cotton, is an update on the classic athletic staple.

The Clean Clothes Project is the evolution of apparel production being developed in the South of India, dedicated to the manufacturing of garments in a sustainable way. 100% Indian organic cotton, 100% natural dyes, water, and biodegradable soap or vinegar are used for the dyeing and finishing of I.O.A.N. cotton products.
Wearing vibrant colors should not come at the cost of tainting our natural resources. By issuing constraints on dyeing and washing processes not only can I.O.A.N. assure Clean Clothes against our skin, but also cleaner rivers, oceans, soil and air for everybody.

S: Chest 21"/53.5cm, Length 25.5"/65cm
M: Chest 22.5"/57cm, Length 26.5"/67cm
L: Chest 24"/60cm, Length 27.5"/69cm
XL: Chest 25.5"/64cm, Length 28.5"/71cm