Alpaca Slide Slippers

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Accompany Us To Peru...

These open toe slippers made from baby alpaca fibers are the ultimate cozy gift! The fur is cruelty free, meaning the animals were not killed to collect and process their hides. Alpacas in Peru are tended to by local farmers who shear them annually to collect their fleece, as alpaca fiber is a valuable commodity to make yarn.



  • S: 6-7   
  • M: 8-9   
  • L: 9-10 

Materials: Alpaca fur, shearling footbed, rubber non-slip sole.

  • Alpaca fur
  • Shearling footbed
  • rubber non-slip sole

About the Artisan Group

Honoring the beauty of Peru's indigenous materials and traditional techniques, Intiearth's collections are crafted with artisan partnerships and fair trade workshops. All textiles and products are sourced directly from the local people to ensure they are helping to improve the quality of life for Peru's indigenous culture.