Cowry Shell Necklace Sculpture
Product Description
The Cowry Shell Necklace by Ngala Trading Co. Cowry shells were used for centuries as currency in Africa. Ngala Trading's modern-day artisans have fashioned sculptural necklaces out of these sea shells, and each is paired with a sturdy black metal display stand. 
  • Cream shells on black base
  • 12" Diameter
  • 6" Height
  • Handmade in South Africa
  • Comes with black metal display stand


Ngala Trading Co. works with artisans in South Africa who merge modern design with traditional techniques to create beautiful home decor. They are committed to ensuring each artisan is paid a living wage, and their work environment is regularly examined by independent regulators. The Ngala Trading Co. design and manufacturing team supports the ongoing promotion and preservation of sustainable agriculture in South Africa.