Crocodile Brass Hook
Product Description

Handcrafted in Ghana

These adorable animal hooks are handmade by artisans in Ghana. Each piece is unique and will look absolutely perfect in a child's room, in an entrance hall or in a bathroom! Handmade of lost wax brass casting.

Ghana is famous for its centuries old technique called “lost wax casting”. First, a wax model of the desired object is made, next the model is covered with ash and clay. Once the clay is hard, it is put in fire causing the wax to melt. The resulting mold is then filled with brass. After the brass has cooled, the clay mold is broken open and you end of with these wonderful little objects.

Approx. 12 cm (5"), sizes may vary as each item is one of a kind!

About the Brand
Séverine and Stacie founded Atelier Boemia in 2014 because they believe everyone has the right to choose for themselves, earn for themselves and be well educated. A portion of profits is donated back to local programs funding education, work programs and infrastructure improvements in every market from which they source products.