Mahogany Large Cuff Bangle
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Product Description

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Large Mahogany Bangle by Mola Sasa. Handmade in cotton and features an abstract design and contrasting shapes in mahogany, black and white. Stack these fabulous bangles all the way up your arm. Custom cloth bag included. 
  • Abstract design
  • Slip on
  • Outside: 100% cotton
  • Inside: natural yute fiber
  • Wooden base
  • Made in Colombia
Height: 50 mm
Inner Diameter: 75 mm
Outer Diameter: 115 mm

More About This Design:
Ethical fashion encouraging artisanal traditions. Molas, as they known, are decorative apparel fabrics made by women of the Kuna or Guna indigenous communities of Panama and Colombia. They are made by applying cut out layers of fabric on top of each other. The more layers, the more fine the Mola. Each fabric is the particular design of the artisan woman that carefully works on it. The women use the Molas to decorate their shirts. They place one in front and one in the back of the shirt, usually matching. They are an art in itself; each Mola is a representation of the Kuna culture, their beliefs and traditions.