Fanned Out 17" Large Bulbous Vase

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Handmade in Swaziland

Fanned Out Large Bulbous Vase by Charlie Sprout. Handmade in Swaziland, these unique and bold decorative accents support female artisans and are bold additions to any room. Swazi baskets are the most labor intensive of all the African baskets, taking between 30-80 hours to make each piece.  The time and skill it takes to make our one-of-a-kind decorative accessories makes each vase, urn, planter and basket a true work of art.

16" x 17"

About the Brand
Charlie Sprout creates innovative and high-end, hand-crafted home furnishings, It’s mission is to help artisan women in Swaziland, and around the world, to generate sustainable income. Charlie Sprout works with approximately 800 women artisans in Swaziland, Africa that are split into 26 groups and spread throughout the small country.  Each group is responsible for a different style or part of the handcrafted process - from the harvesting of the sisal (which is indigenous to the region, and a sustainable resource), the dying of the colors, the spinning of the sisal into yarns, to the weaving, and final stage of adding of the embellishments.