Geometric Patterned Notecards (Set of 5)
Product Description

These individually designed notecards are printed on FSC-certified paper adorned with geometric Islamic patterns. Each card has been printed in Canada in full-color with gold-foil stamping on acid-free sustainable paper. Far & Wide Collective purchased the original design and pays the artist a royalty per packet sold. 

  • Five cards and ivory-colored envelopes included per package.

These cards are inspired by the dazzling geometric patterns that grace historic mosques and mausoleums across the Islamic world, from Morocco to Malaysia. Traditional designs have been re-invented by master miniature painter and illumination artist, Tamim Sahib Zader, who grinds semi-precious stones, such as lapis lazuli and turquoise, to create richly luminous colors.

Backstory: Miniature painter Mohammad Tamim Sahib Zader was born in Kabul in 1975 and began learning his craft at the tender age of seven. His dedication to the preservation of this delicate tradition was almost cut short upon his capture by the Taliban. Stopped and searched because of his Western clothes, he was beaten when they found figurative paintings in his bag. He fled the country and lived as a refugee in Pakistan for several years, designing carpets to earn his living. He later returned to Afghanistan where he teaches miniature painting, illumination and design. Opposition has only strengthened Tamim’s resolve. Art gives him and his country a voice, and it is something he is willing to pursue regardless of all obstacles. 

Style signature: Imaginative, dreamlike representations governed by traditional aesthetics.

Inspiration: “I believe in keeping our traditions alive whatever the social or political circumstances.”