Handmilled Natural Soap Set
Product Description

A cleansing soap that refreshes the soul and the body.

This hand-milled soap set includes one bar of natural honey and home-grown oats and one bar of lavender soap. Each is infused with simple, yet sensational smelling essential oils and herbs. These ingredients combine with spring water to form the soap bar that is a sweet and savory treat for the home and bath. Enjoy this natural soap set for yourself, or pass it along as gifts for friends!

  • Measurements: 4 oz. (118ml) 
  • Includes 2 soap bars

*Available with Broken Braid Print OR Plume Print on the box exterior. 

We’re proud to feature Raven & Lily for their direct support of women entrepreneurs in India. Your purchase of this product directly impacts this artisan community through fair wages and business/skill training.

Story Behind This Product: The gift collection is made by artisans at the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Northern India.
How was it made?: Spring water, local herbs, rich spices, and soothing essential oils are hand-milled into fresh and fragrant soaps.
How does it benefit at-risk women?: The artisan women find new meaning through their work. They were once marginalized because of their gender and poverty and now find passion in their art and hope for their future.