Hearty Mule Mug
$34.95 $40.00
Product Description

Handcrafted in India

Raise a toast to good times and high spirits with the Hearty Mule Mug. Great for cocktails and beers. The Mule Mug is a tribute to the Moscow Mule, a cocktail with a kick that demands its own copper mug. Copper outer, finished with food safe lacquer. Stainless steel inner.

3.75" x 3.75"
5.25" handle width
540ml capacity

About the Brand
Studio Coppre is a Pune-based social venture working to revive heritage metal crafts. Having understood the gap in the market for high‐quality handcrafted wares and the need to promote and preserve artisanal skills of metal workers, Coppre designs produces and markets handcrafted contemporary wares. Coppre addresses the need of bringing highly skilled metal-working artisans (mainly copper) into the economic mainstream. The organization also promotes a culture- based development model that focuses on heritage and craft preservation.