Kazi 27" Extra Large Sand Fleur Plate Woven Wall Art Plate

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HANDMADE IN RWANDA. Need a globally inspired reboot? Our wall plates are just for you!These beautifully intricate wall plates are designed to enhance and magnify any room. Leave the sweetgrass plate as a stand-alone piece or pair with other plates or bowls to transform your space. Match to throw pillows in your living room or bed set in your bedroom.  Each of these breathtaking designs was made with courage and heart by a woman in rural Rwanda. She hand-stitched a loop on the back of each basket so you too, can enjoy this piece easily on your wall.They are also a thoughtful and meaningful personalized gift for any occasion.   Meaning & PurposeThe intricate designs and flawless work of an experienced weaver is never the result of luck. Rather, Rwandan women owe their skills to the women before them who passed on the knowledge from generation to generation—mother to daughter, grandmother to child.  As young weavers learn from their elders, they quickly realize the weaving process is a painstaking one. Passing on basket weaving to young women carries the weight of upholding a time-honored practice and an age-old rite of passage. Baskets decorate nearly every Rwandan home, for they are one of the most important symbols of family, friendship, good fortune, and proud cultural heritage.

Approximately 27” D. Fair Trade, Nest Seal of Transparency. Organic dyes are used to dye the sisal. Profiled weaver tag is attached to each product. Hang loop included on the back, ready to hang. *All products are made by hand with love and vary slightly in color and size.