Kazi 8" Medium Desert Flower Wooden Bowl

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HANDMADE IN RWANDA Say hello to the perfect catch all basket! Our catch all baskets are perfect for just about anything! They can be used for additional storage, home organization, or as a beautiful focal point in your home office or living room. They also serve as a great key catch-all at your front door. All designs are globally inspired through a deep desire to bring the rich culture of Rwanda basket weaving and make a beautiful addition to any home. Specifications: -Approximately 8” W x 4” H -Fair Trade -Made in Rwanda -Products are made from all natural fibers of sisal and jacaranda wood -Organic dyes are used to dye the sisal -Profiled weaver tag is attached to each product -Food safe for serving *All products are made by hand with love and vary slightly in color and size. Made of the highest quality natural sisal fibers in an ethical, fair trade environment. Sisal is wound stitch by stitch around a small sweet grass bundle. Handwoven and handcarved in remote regions of Rwanda. Care Instructions: Cleaning -After serving bread or other dried foods, turn the product upside down: shake and tap to release crumbs and residue. -Avoid using chemicals or detergents. Meaning & Purpose The income from baskets now enables the women to provide for their families in life-changing ways: they are able to put nutritious food on the table, give the gift of education to their children, and provide health insurance for their family. Beyond these financial benefits, the baskets have also helped to provide a sense of pride and independence. Priscilla Ntivugurazwa explains about the pride she feels. "Being a basket weaver and businesswoman has provided me with a connection to a commercial bank, which has helped me take out a loan to construct a shop and storefront in partnership with my husband and other members of the cooperative." Women, like Priscilla, can now beam with confidence and dignity. They have opportunities that have rarely been available to the rural poor in Africa, let alone to women.. With honor and pride, these women now say: “I am a weaver.”