Kazi All Natural Extra Tall Pedestal Bowl

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HANDMADE IN UGANDA: Pure elegance for your entry wall, hall or bathroom, this unique statement piece will fill a wide open space and create a unique work of art. Our uniquely woven pedestal footed bowl catch-alls are the perfect addition to any of your home decor needs! You can use it as a catch-all in your entryway for keys and mail or as a decorative way to hold hand towels for guests.These delicately textured and woven pedestals were made by groups of women in small cooperatives across rural areas of Uganda in an ethical, fair trade environment. They weave together grass and raffia using a sewing needle to achieve these incredible pieces of art.

Specifications: Approximately 18”W x 30” H. Fair Trade, Nest Seal of Transparency. Made in Uganda. Products are made from all natural fibers of raffia and banana fibers. Profiled weaver tag is attached to each product. *All products are made by hand with love and vary slightly in color and size. Made in an ethical, fair trade environment. Handwoven by a cooperative of women located in rural Uganda this one of a kind piece takes a couple of days to complete. : Meaning & Purpose: The income from baskets now enables the women to provide for their families in life-changing ways: they are able to put nutritious food on the table, give the gift of education to their children, and provide health insurance for their family. Beyond these financial benefits, the baskets have also helped to provide a sense of pride and independence. One weaver, Egidia, describes her journey of self-fulfillment as an artisan. “I rose and became a leader because people trusted me and I was always responsible. I inspire my community as a successful single mother and hope to send my daughter to a university when she finishes secondary school.” :