Kazi Black Checkered Round Hand Fan

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HANDMADE IN GHANA. Bold, intricate, and functional.These fans meet all your needs! Style it on a wall as wall art or with other wall paintings. Use on a bookshelf and these beautifully designed fans will transform your home decor. They come in different shapes and sizes so let your creativity shine. Meaning & PurposeThe material used for weaving in Bolgatanga is elephant grass, this grass is only available in the southern part of Ghana, Kumasi to be precise. The grasses are harvested and dried up, a process which might take up to three (3) days. It is then tied together in big bundles and transported to the Bolga markets. This is where most of the weavers buy their raw materials. The straw grass is further processed before weaving begins. Straw is collected and split then rolled/twisted for texture. . Straw is dyed to give a vibrant color before weaving begins. .

Approximately 8” W x 14.5” H. Fair Trade. Organic dyes are used to dye the grass. Leather Handle. Profiled weaver tag is attached to each product. *These delicately textured and handcrafted woven fans were made by groups of women in intimate communities in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana in an ethical, fair trade environment.