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HANDMADE IN RWANDASay hello to the perfect catch all basket!Designed by Lindsay Anyon Brier of Anyon Interior Design and Anyon Atelier, these catch all baskets can be used for just about anything.  Use for additional storage, home organization, as a planter, or as a beautiful focal point in your home office or living room.  These also serve as a great key catch all at your front door.Made of the highest quality natural fibers in an ethical, fair trade environment.  These delicately textured and woven baskets were made by groups of women in intimate communities across rural Rwanda where sisal fibers are wound stitch by stitch around a small sweetgrass bundle.  Handwoven by a woman over the course of roughly one week in her home in remote regions of Rwanda.

Specifications: Approximately 8” D x 4.5” H. Fair Trade, Nest Seal of Transparency. Handmade in Rwanda. Products are made from all natural fibers of sisal and sweetgrass. Organic dyes are used to dye the sisal. Profiled weaver tag is attached to each product. Baskets have a hang loop on the back for wall decor. *All products are made by hand with love and vary slightly in color and size. Made of the highest quality natural fibers in an ethical, fair trade environment. Sisal is wound stitch by stitch around a small sweetgrass bundle. Handwoven by a woman in remote regions of Rwanda. Meaning & Purpose: Lindsay Anyon Brier has an innate talent for beautifully curating rooms and environments.  As a master of a contemporary look inspired by classic aesthetics, Lindsay has designed several high-profile homes and we’re sure that her Anyon Collection from KAZI will bring joy to all who select her charming, ethical pieces.  This product was handmade by an artisan in rural Rwanda, over a period of days in her home. The sale of this product means a fair wage and an opportunity to provide for her family where few job opportunities exist. By pairing market access with training and education, KAZI artisans are earning 10x traditional wages and are transforming into well respected business leaders in their communities, helping lead and create a positive future.