La Pureté Purifying Bar Soap
Product Description

Get beautifully velvety smooth skin with Tiossan's La Pureté Purifying Bar Soap. Inspired by ancient Senegalese traditions of body healing and cleansing, our gentle soap is handmade is small batches, using the thousands-year-old traditional methods of Artisan soapmakers. This 100% vegan, rich-lathering bar soap contains Shea Butter to nourish, Black Seed Oil to heal, Coconut Oil to hydrate the skin and pure therapeutic-grade grapefruit essential oil to drain toxins out of the cells (great to fight cellulite). The result is a clean, fresh-scented, soft and supple skin.

Enjoy the cleansing, energizing aroma of sun ripe, juicy grapefruit

*Pure grade-therapeutic essential oils only.

Paraben-free • Phthalate-free • Sulfate-free • Gluten-free • Cruelty-free • Artificial colorants-free • Vegan

Senegal’s first luxury skincare brand was created by its female founder, Magatte, to share the beauty secrets passed down to her by her ancestors. Combining a legacy of powerful formulations made by traditional village healers with state-of-the-art clean technology, Tiossan’s products embody the Sufi saying that nature is man’s best pharmacy.