Marble Spice Cellar Pair

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Accompany Us To India...

Versatile and beautiful, we use these pinch pots for salt, spices and even for dressing table trinkets. Each is carefully hand-carved from a solid block of India’s famed white marble and finished to perfection. Sold as a set of 2.



Measurement: 3" x 2"

Materials: Marble

Care: Hand wash with mild soap

About the Artisan Group

Creative Women is a fair trade home + lifestyle brand that has long-term partnerships with talented artisans in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, and India who work in women-led small businesses. By creating a sustainable niche for these artisans, Creative Women helps to ensure their craft supports the health, education, and economic stability of their families. We believe that conscious consumerism — in which the act of buying is also one of giving — is a powerful way to effect change.