Marbled Bahi Notebook - Indigo

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Accompany Us To India

A collection of hand marbled recycled cotton handmade paper and canvas products. This hand marbled notebook is made from recycled cotton and handmade paper, the bright color tell a story from the sunny summer days in Jaipur, India.


Each notebook contains 20 pages of unlined handmade paper. Opens flat with a back pocket. Each notebook  is one of a kind and may vary slightly from what is pictured. No two notebooks are identical. 

Materials: Cover: 100% hand marbled recycled paper, naturally dyed.

Measurements: 5" x 7.5"

About The Artisans

Craft Boat encourages traditional Indian craftsmanship. Take one look at Craft Boat’s hand-marbled wrapping paper or block-printed notebooks, and you quickly know a Craft Boat stationery product when you see it. This is a result of the careful thought and commitment to detail that goes into each project. Balancing its passion for creating striking patterns and fostering community development, Craft Boat is willing to grow slowly while considering the process of product making by hand as a timeless celebration