Marine Cardigan in Taupe
Product Description

Handcrafted in the Huamanga region of Peru

Inspired by the changing seasons of the Pacific Northwest, the Marine Cardigan is designed to be worn from early Fall into the depth of winter. Hand loomed rib details pay homage to vintage fishermen sweaters while adding interest, texture and volume to the light weight, everyday staple. Over sized silhouette. Size up or down easily depending on the look you want.

Hand loomed with 43% baby alpaca, 43% merino wool and 14% polyamide.

XS/S (0-6), M/L (8-12) and L/XL (12-16)

About the Brand
By combining heritage artisan ship with modern design Bare Knitwear creates high quality, small batch knitwear collections that remove employment barriers for women. Their collections are based off a less is more philosophy. Their edited collections are designed to live in harmony with the modern woman and fill holes in a conscious wardrobe. Each Bare Knitwear garment is handmade and takes 5-13 hours to produce. By using hand operated manual knitting looms and traditional hand knitting techniques, these women earn a steady income from their craft.