Medium Bullseye Planter with Saucer
Product Description

Handcrafted in Morocco

Every room needs some living color, and we have the perfectly designed planters for your house plants, terrace or patio. Clever and stylish, each planter has a hole in the bottom for proper drainage and a matching plate to catch any overflow and protect the surface on which the plant stands. Handwash Only.


PLANTER: 6" diameter top / 4.75" diameter bottom / 7.25" height 

PLATE: 6" diameter x 1.75" height


About the Brand
Séverine and Stacie founded Atelier Boemia in 2014 because they believe everyone has the right to choose for themselves, earn for themselves and be well educated. A portion of profits is donated back to local programs funding education, work programs and infrastructure improvements in every market from which they source products.