Medium Silver Blue Mosaic Wooden Bowl

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Elevate your table with this chic serving basket or make it a beautiful focal point in your home office or living room. They also serve as a great key catch-all at your front door. This design is globally inspired through a deep desire to bring the rich culture of Rwanda basket weaving and make a beautiful addition to any home.


Materials: All natural fibers of sisal and jacaranda wood, organic dyes.

Measurements: 8” W x 4” H

Care: After serving bread or other dried foods, turn the product upside down and shake to release crumbs or residue. Avoid using chemicals or detergents.

About the Artisan Group

Blending a passion for sustainable development, business acumen, and a strong work ethic, Alicia Wallace and Greg Stone founded Kazi Good in 2013 to create jobs & markets to alleviate poverty in Africa. Traditionally artisan development and handmade production in Africa has been fragmented and not capable of scalability. All Across Africa’s unique innovative model of high volume, high artisan impact provides the highest wages in the region to thousands of artisans.