Mohinders Women's Solid Leather City Slippers
Product Description
Solid Leather City Slippers by Mohinders. Similar to Mohinders' flagship shoe, but highlights their unique and lustrous bag-tanned leather as well as "cavani" weaving. Handmade with water buffalo leather and a durable natural crepe rubber sole.

  • Full-grain leather produced in small batches in India
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Natural crepe rubber sole
  • Cavani hand-weaving creates a durable, non-adhesive bond between upper and midsole
  • Made by highly skilled, fairly-compensated artisans
Size + Fit: Women's City Slippers run true to size. Round up if you're a half size.
The backless style is a slight change at first; don't worry if they feel like they're slipping off, initially. Within a few wears the leather will form to your feet and they'll stay on.

A note about the break-in:
this style has a solid leather upper, which can feel pretty stiff at first on the top of your foot; after a few wears, they’ll soften.

More About This Design
The full-grain water buffalo leather is vegetable-tanned by hand in small batches. The tanning process is an age-old method using vegetable tannins extracted from the myrobalan nut (also used in ayurvedic medicine) and the bark of the babul tree.

Each pair of Mohinders is meticulously handcrafted by the collaborative’s 2nd and 3rd generation master craftsmen and women out of their own homes. They have kept the design authentic and true to its roots, but have made important refinements to elevate the style, comfort, and durability.

Sourcing from the artisan collaborative ensures that the artisans are paid higher rates for the shoes they make, do not have to borrow from money lenders in order to buy raw materials for production, and are, thus, empowered to break free from the “cycle of poverty.”