Mudcloth Bogolon Pillow
Product Description

Handwoven in Mali

Mudcloth or Bogalnfini is produced in Mali from hand loomed cotton woven on a narrow nomadic loom. Modern printing methods are commonly used now, but in the past it was a complex method using a resist method similar to Batik. The symbols and designs have various meanings and are often used to tell the stories of births, deaths, good harvests or droughts, celebrations and ceremonies and other landmark events that tell of a family's journey and stories through symbolism. The fabric is then cut and sewn in a family-run workshop in South Africa to produce each unique pillow.

24" x 24"

About the Brand
Mjita Trading Company started in 1996 with Brett Sher as a sole trader bringing goods from the rest of Africa to South Africa. The company specializes in sourcing and working with traditionally woven, hand-made fabrics from all over Africa to make up high-quality finished items suitable for the modern home. The company is dedicated to preserving the ancient art of African textiles, and maintains an ethic of looking after its staff and suppliers to support their future growth.