Peppermint Oil Pulling Kit
Product Description

Ethically made in Vietnam

Purchase this complete kit for whiter teeth, fresher breath, healthier gums, and deeply moisturized lips. The Skinny & Co. Oil Pulling Oil is the best choice for healthier teeth and gums. Inside the jar is the only 100% pure and alkaline coconut oil in the world. The oil is extracted from wild-harvested coconuts without using heat, chemicals, or toxic solvents. This uniquely formulated oil protects tooth enamel and dental fillings while it removes plaque, freshens breath, and whitens teeth, naturally.

Oil pulling is an ancient tradition receiving a lot of modern interest thanks to its natural ability to reduce stains, bacteria, and plaque on teeth. Coconut oil has been found to be an ideal choice because the lauric acid binds with the bacteria in the mouth during the swishing, or "pulling" process.

How To Use: Instructions for Oil Pulling are simple and effective. First thing in the morning, simply place one tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth. As the oil liquefies, begin to swish it around for 5-20 minutes (we recommend that you start with five & increase time gradually). Move the oil around your mouth, teeth and gums as if it were mouthwash, yet without gargling or swallowing it. You may begin to notice that the oil mixture will thicken the longer that you “pull”. Once finished, dispose of the oil in the trash - do not swallow it. As a final step, rinse out your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth as normal. For best results, oil pull at least twice per week.