Sediment Alpaca Wrap

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Handmade in Ecuador

An accessory that feels like a gentle hug, the Sediment reversible alpaca wrap is a stylish way to layer up and stay comfortably warm.  Featuring a soothing blend of soft blue slate and light gray, this color combo can easily be your new neutral. Wear it over your denim outfits, or wrap it over your neutral-colored suits and dresses for a relaxed, laidback look. Made of our signature blend of alpaca fiber, this accessory won’t disappoint you with its softness and warmth.

35% baby alpaca / 35% super fine alpaca / 30% acrylic

About the Artisan Group
Shupaca was created to bring one of the world's finest natural materials in handcrafted goods while promoting fair trade and supporting social and economic advancement for the artisans they work with. Collaborating directly with skilled Ecuadorian artisans in a small region outside of Quito, Shupaca works directly with these artisan groups to guarantee that they are compensated fairly and paid directly. All of their products are hand woven on wood looms, using the same traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years.