Sinchi Wallet
Product Description

Handwoven in Peru

Sinchi Wallet by Siblings Army. Textile made of mercerized cotton. Bovine leather handles with cotton interior and interior compartment.

Height 9 cms.
Width 19.5 cms.

About the Brand
Siblings Army creates one of a kind, small batch items in partnership with a community of women in Willoq, Peru. The striking pieces, a blend of modern cuts and traditional Peruvian fabrics, represent a new "hand-made". These skilled Peruvian Artisans make natural dyes using a variety of plants, vegetables and even nuts to create the vibrant colors found in each piece. These days the Peruvian communities have lost the local tradition of hand knitting, with only a handful of communities still able to make a living from this skill. This handcrafted method was passed down from parents to their children, keeping the tradition alive within the local communities. It is clear when you look at the intricacy of a piece of fabric, that they can each take over one month to be complete, often using sheep or alpaca wool, sometimes a combination of both.