The Veeni Blue Tunic
Product Description

Hand printed in India

The Veeni shirt is loose fitting and cool. Lightweight for Summer holidays and easily tucked into your jeans for everyday wear. They can even be worn as nightwear.

Every beachshirt bought will allow a day uniform to be made for one of the boys of the Taabar Street Children Shelter. The uniforms are stitched by The Jagruti Women’s Empowerment Center. These are a team of vulnerable women who have left marriages due to domestic violence and then have been unable to get work. The center teaches them how to sew and provides them with employment. 

Small (8-12)
Medium (12-16)

About the Brand
Kapara is inspired by India’s rich cultural and textile history. Based in London and Jaipur we work alongside local weavers and printers to design and create contemporary womenswear and accessories based on age-old techniques. The brand feels a strong responsibility to help improve the lives of the people that live in the places they work. Kapara has set up 2 foundations: The Rucksack Project and Weaving The Future, both of which work specifically with children in Jaipur. Kapara also works alongside a women's empowerment program that teaches women from the slums how to sew and provides them with employment. Through your purchases and these projects, Kapara is able to clothe, educate and support children and women in Jaipur.