Wall Midnight & Peach Hat
$24.95 $49.00
Product Description

Wall Hat by EMILIME. Cozy & warm - perfect for the early fall and all the way through the dead of winter. 

  • 64% Peruvian Alpaca, 15% Wool, 21% Acrylic
  • Hand wash, lay flat to dry or dry clean
  • One Size

Width: 9"
Length" 8.5" 

We’re proud to feature Emilime for their direct support of women entrepreneurs in Peru. Your purchase of this product directly impacts this artisan community through fair wages and business/skill training.

Emilime empowers a network of artisan partners both as creative contributors and as business leaders. The artisan entrepreneurs they work with coordinate groups of knitters in their communities, mostly women, who make each product and use knitting as supplementary income. From swatch development to sample making, and finally production – they work side-by-side with the artisans as the products come to life.

Emilime is committed to sourcing the highest quality materials. The fibers featured in each product have been used for centuries in the Peruvian highlands. Alpacas have been bred in South America for thousands of years, and their fiber is known as “The Fiber of the Gods,” as it was used to make clothing for royalty. Alpaca fiber is soft, harbors amazing insulating qualities, allows for breathability and is known worldwide for its strength, durability, and hypoallergenic qualities. From the small farms throughout the Peruvian highlands where the fleece is shorn, the fiber goes to Arequipa where it is sorted, cleaned and spun into yarn.

There are two types of alpaca: Huacaya (which produce a dense, soft, crimpy sheep-like fiber) and Suri (with silky pencil-like locks, resembling dreadlocks but without matted fibers). Alpacas are bred in 22 natural colors with more than300 shades, from blue-black to bright white and every thing in between. More than eighty percent of the world’s alpaca population can be found in southern Peru, northwest of Lake Titicaca at 3,700-5,000 meters above sea level. The alpaca is a symbol of Peruvian national identity.