White Alpaca Slippers

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Handcrafted in Peru

**Available for pre-order, this item is expected to ship in mid November**

White Alpaca Slippers lined with shearling and featuring a suede sole - the perfect holiday gift! The fur is cruelty free, meaning the animals were not killed to collect and process their hides. Alpacas in Peru are tended to by local farmers who shear them annually to collect their fleece, as alpaca fiber is a valuable commodity to make yarn. Alpacas are worth more alive for this reason. However, due to harsh weather conditions in the region alpacas have a high mortality rate, which is how the skins are collected. 

S: 6-7   
M: 8-9   
L: 9-10 

About the Artisan Group
Honoring the beauty of Peru's indigenous materials and traditional techniques, Intiearth's collections are crafted with artisan partnerships and fair trade workshops. All textiles and products are sourced directly from the local people to ensure they are helping to improve the quality of life for Peru's indigenous culture.