Yura Cap
$29.95 $44.00
Product Description

Hand knit in Peru

A timeless, classic fit topped with a pom-pom makes this a perfect touch on any cold weather wardrobe. The cap is handspun on a wooden drop-spindle called a ‘pushka.’ The artisans sort and clean the alpaca fibers to make a yarn, which is then used to hand knit each cap. Knitted from un-dyed, hand-spun, 100% alpaca yarn.

About the Brand
Awamaki creates lasting impact in the remote mountains of Peru by helping rural Andean women’s associations launch successful small businesses creating authentic, high-quality products and experiences. Awamaki invests in women’s skills, connects them to market access and supports their leadership so they can increase their income and transform their communities. Awamaki is comprised of a Peruvian asociación civil and a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working closely together to empower women’s associations, connect them to markets and enable them to lead their communities out of poverty. Though a non-profit, Awamaki uses market strategies to accomplish its charitable goals of increasing women’s income and business leadership.