Impact Feature: Raven + Lily

More than a fashion brand, Raven + Lily is an innovative platform that leverages design to help break the cycle of poverty in at-risk regions of the world. The company employs over 1,500 marginalized women in diverse communities, providing access to safe jobs, education and health care—a beautifully sustainable system that empowers women and their families through the making and selling of chic, modern clothes and accessories.

We’ve partnered with this inspiring certified B Corp to shine a spotlight on 4 communities where Raven + Lily products are improving the lives of their makers. Our assortment of items from the Kenya, Cambodia, Ethiopia and India Collections are all fair trade, eco-friendly and exclusively handcrafted by skilled artisans in whose lives your purchase makes a real difference. Take part in the mission to alleviate the threat of poverty by shopping Raven + Lily’s ethical, economically impactful designs.

Here’s how hard your dollars are working:


Raven + Lily’s Kenya Knit Collection is designed entirely from organic non-GMO cotton, grown without any chemicals or pesticides, and handcrafted by female artisans paid a fair, sustainable income. Its Kenya Jewelry Collection, crafted from brass and upcycled cow horn by skilled artisans, is empowering women in the remote Esiteti region



The Cambodia Apparel Collection—crafted from hand-loomed, naturally dyed textiles and remnant scraps in a zero-waste facility—empowers HIV positive or formerly trafficked Cambodian women by employing them in safe working conditions, at fair wages.

ACCOMPANY US TO CAMBODIA and hear from the women who have found a lifeline out of poverty, social stigma, exploitative labor and disease through the creation of these textiles.


The Ethiopia Collection of bags and accessories is handmade by women vulnerable to labor trafficking, and designed entirely from locally sourced, vegetable tanned leather, without the use of harmful chemical dyes that present a health hazard to workers and a danger to the environment.


Raven + Lily’s India Collection of hand-carved wood journals, hand-milled soaps, wood bangles and eco-friendly makeup bags is produced by marginalized women in Northern India as well as women previously involved in the sex trade.

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