Gifts By Women For Women

In search of a great birthday, housewarming, Valentine's Day or "just because" gift? This collection of gorgeous, ethical goods made by female artisans in diverse communities around the globe has everything you need for all the ladies in your life. We’ve hand selected each item for its quality and design, mindful production processes and positive social impact, with a special focus on businesses that empower marginalized women by providing access to safe working conditions, education and training programs, and essential health care and nutrition for the artisans and their families.

Turn every gifting occasion into a golden opportunity to delight the important women in your life – mom, sisters, aunts, nieces, best friends – with the perfect present: a stylish gift that’s full of beauty and designed in the true spirit of sisterhood.

The sale of these handcrafted items go directly back to the female artisan-entrepreneurs in Indego Africa’s workshops, in the form of much-needed literacy programs and business and financial management training.

Blending the country’s storied textile tradition with modern design, Mercado Global partners with more than 300 female artisans in over 30 cooperatives in rural parts of Guatemala with business training and tools. Thanks to access to the U.S. market, 100% of these artisans now have access to electricity, potable water, and all of their school-aged children are receiving an education.

Designed through an innovative, sustainable system that empowers over 1,500 marginalized women in various communities around the world, these products – handcrafted in Addis Ababa and various parts of India – help their makers break the cycle of poverty, always with a gentle touch on the environment (materials are locally sourced, and no harsh chemical dyes are used).

These cult beauty products embody true modern luxury in all its aspects: self-care, shared rituals, all natural ingredients and an ethical work environment for their creators. By fostering the Berber women’s traditional technique of argan oil extraction, Kahina Giving Beauty is empowering these workers with social and economic freedom they wouldn’t otherwise have.

By creating self-sustaining business opportunities for female artisans, these products are helping to free women and girls from sweatshops and oppressive working conditions. 10% of all proceeds fund efforts to eradicate human trafficking in a region where it is all too common.

Inspired by the country’s rich jewelry heritage, these pieces fuse traditional handicraft with modern designs and a global outlook, giving its artisans a new and viable form of self-expression. All items are free of lead, cadmium and zinc.

The sale of each candle shines a light on the plight of recent women refugees from Myanmar, providing double the US minimum wage and skills training here in Western Massachusetts to build a brighter future.

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