In our book, no look is complete without a metallic gleam. For maximum aesthetic and social impact, opt for good-hearted golden goodies from Soko. More than a brand, Soko is a technologically innovative platform that’s demonstrated its ability to help disenfranchised women artisans in emerging economies dramatically expand their businesses. By enabling artisans to bring unique handmade wares to a global market via simple mobile phones, Soko helps effect a 4-fold average increase in household income, and has generated a total of over $400,000 in artisan income to date.

Soko’s shining stars are chic, versatile gold-toned brass pieces with the power to transform your look while your dollars are transforming the world. Each ethical item is handcrafted with a striking modern aesthetic, and up to 35% of wholesale goes directly to artisan wages, driving social and economic development in the creator’s community. Make a difference – and a style statement – by adorning yourself.











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